Move Me To Hollywood

Actors and Filmmakers..... Let's Get Started!
Your Move to Hollywood Begins Today

...with a network of friends and support awaiting your arrival!

Whether you are filmmaker or an actor (or parent of an actor) who is seeking to relocate from a city a few hours away or from the other side of the world, simply, Move Me to Hollywood will allow you to forge an immediate plan to begin your journey to Hollywood success.

Our staff will be by your side through your entire transition.

The Relocation Plan
and Party Camp

A more comprehensive guide for young adults, ages 18 to 25. Peer-based connections and individualized attention is our focus.

July 18th to 21st 2019
(room and board is included)

All-in Relocation Plan and Party Weekend

Parents of child actors, actors and production professionals of all ages are welcome to this comprehensive look into making a temporary or permanent move to pursue Los Angeles film industry dreams.

Nov 9th to 11th 2018
January 10th to 13th 2019

*Register by September 19th to receive a space in the Talent and Literary Agent's panel. It's wonderful opportunity to be represented before a Los Angeles move.

*Register by September 19th to receive two Internship counseling appointments via Skype. The specialist will assist in finding a coveted intern assignment in the Los Angeles film industry for students or new graduates.

*Register by September 19th to receive $100 discount.